Case Study: NYPA Jarvis Relicensing

FERC Relicensing of the Gregory B. Jarvis Power Project

Hinckley Reservoir (New York Power Authority, New York)


Gomez and Sullivan is the lead licensing consultant for the relicensing of the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) 9-MW Gregory B. Jarvis Power Project (Hinckley Reservoir). The Project is located on West Canada Creek outside of the city of Utica, NY and is being relicensed utilizing FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process (ILP). Responsibilities have included: strategic planning; development of the Notice of Intent and Pre-Application Document; stakeholder outreach; providing NYPA support with FERC’s study scoping process; development of the Proposed Study Plan; and development of the SharePoint-based Jarvis Information Management System. Over the next three years Gomez and Sullivan will oversee or conduct various environmental resource studies, develop the Draft and Final License Application, and continue to support NYPA with all other tasks associated with FERC’s ILP. The current Project license expires in 2022.