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GSE Employees Learn CPR, Wilderness First Aid

This past February and March, Life Guard Instructor Mike Reilley of the American Red Cross trained the Utica staff in a four-hour course including Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid. This instruction involved the proper procedures and steps necessary to respond in the event of an emergency. CPR and AED techniques were practiced by GSE staff on infant, child and adult mannequins. The training ended with basic first aid scenarios that required application of the skills learned during the course. This enabled our employees to demonstrate their understanding and ability to apply the techniques recently learned.

Participating employees included Pam Gomez, Jerry Gomez, Kevin Miller, Amanda Peterson, Ryan Troy, Craig Arnold, Chad Knutti, Katelyn Zatwarnicki, Mark Mattson, Peggy Volza, Russ Coleman, Brian Sanders, and Brittany Barnes.

Some Henniker and Williamsville employees attended a similar course in their respective offices, as well, including Laurie Naro, Tom Sullivan, Jayne Sullivan, Jason George, Jill Winton, Rick Stewart, Dave Frazier, Lana Khitrik, Jim Kooser, Kendra Gorski, Dan Gonzales, and Joe Petre.

In addition to this training, Kendra Gorski took a course from the American Red Cross on Wilderness First Aid.