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Gomez and Sullivan's Albany, NY, Office Volunteers for NYS DEC


In the spring of 2013, Michele Stottler, Matthew Burak, and Jeremy Belanger of Gomez and Sullivan (Albany, N.Y., office) counted glass and elver phase American eels as they migrated up Hannacroix Creek, a tributary to the Hudson River just south of Coeymans, N.Y.


Counting was conducted by first trapping the eels in a fyke net as they moved upstream, then carefully removing them from the net to assure no eel was left behind and subsequently counting them one by one. After being counted, the eels were carried upstream to aid in their migration to find suitable rearing habitat.


This effort was in collaboration with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and numerous other volunteers to monitoring the population status of American eels in the Hudson River estuary. A total of 43,129 eels were counted!