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Gomez and Sullivan’s civil and water resources engineers have been active and respected in the dam safety community for over 30 years. These individuals perform engineering services on hydroelectric projects of all sizes. We have participated in the inspection, design, construction, and rehabilitation of dams and water control structures ranging in size from a few feet high to earthen embankment dams 770 feet high. The combined experience of Gomez and Sullivan’s team spans a variety of dam configurations including earthen embankment, concrete, masonry, timber crib, steel, and composite sections.

Over 100 stability analyses and hydrologic studies, fifty dambreak/Inflow Deisgn Flood (IDF) studies, and twenty Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) have been performed by Gomez and Sullivan. Additionally, we have been involved in over 100 Part 12 dam safety inspections and Potential Failure Modes Analyses (PFMAs).

Our Engineering Services Include:
  • FERC Part 12 Dam Safety Inspections
  • Facilitation of Potential Failure Modes Analyses
  • Stability Analyses
  • Dam Rehabilitation
  • Hydropower and Hydraulic Structure Design
  • Fish Passage
  • Hydropower Feasibility Studies
  • Operations Modeling
  • Flood Studies
  • Economic Assessments
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling
  • Dambreak Analyses/EAP
Case Studies