Consulting Solutions that Work for People and the Environment



Gomez and Sullivan employs a staff of individuals experienced in the aquatic and terrestrial disciplines. Our environmental scientists have been providing technical guidance and facilitating negotiations in water resources management for over 20 years. We specialize in assessing the impact of anthropogenic modifications of hydrologic systems (i.e. water withdrawals, wastewater discharges, land use changes, and dam operations) on various aquatic resources. Our team performs environmental studies as well as more specialized investigations in areas such as habitat assessment, GIS analysis, risk assessment, and data management. We have significant experience implementing a variety of instream flow setting techniques, conducting geomorphic studies, as well as water quality analysis and research.

Our Environmental/Geomorphic Services Include:
  • Geomorphic Studies, Analysis and Design
  • Geomorphic Restoration Projects
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
  • Riparian, Wetland and Littoral Zone Assessments
  • Instream Flow Studies
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Studies
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Habitat Improvement Projects
  • Fish Population Evaluations- Electrofishing
  • Recreation Inventories
  • Aesthetic Flow Studies
  • Watershed Planning
  • Impoundment Erosion
Case Studies