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Geographic Information Systems


In addition to providing engineering solutions, Gomez and Sullivan offers a variety of GIS and data management services. These include not only general GIS services, but enterprise ArcGIS solutions that help utility companies manage real estate and vegetation management data, as well as Microsoft SharePoint solutions that assist hydro owners in completing the FERC compliance and implementation process. All of our GIS solutions are supported by the latest ESRI and Microsoft technologies and reside on a powerful Citrix system, which can be accessed remotely over the internet 24 hours a day.

Our enterprise GIS solutions are unconventional in that their implementation relies primarily on standard ArcGIS technology rather than on custom applications. It is our experience that solutions with fewer customizations offer the greatest flexibility and are the most cost-effective to maintain in the long run. Furthermore, our solutions are based on core ArcGIS technology which enables our clients to provide their users access to all of the robust ArcGIS tools and extensions. It is important to note that our non-customized strategy allows these data models to be expanded to accommodate numerous other tasks as well.

Our GIS Services Include:
  • Implementing Right-of-Way (ROW) Inventories
  • Collecting GPS Data
  • Developing & Administering ArcSDE Geodatabases
  • Replicating ArcSDE Geodatabases
  • Creating Visual Studio Dot Net Enhancements to the ArcGIS Desktop Suite
  • Migrating and Converting GIS Data
  • Digitizing Data
  • Map Creation
  • Converting Real Estate Data to GIS Data via COGO
  • Vegetative Management Systems (VMS)
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