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Shad and Eel Passage at the Conowingo Project Susquehanna River, Conowingo, MD

As part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing of the 573 megawatt (MW) Conowingo Hydroelectric Project, Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, P.C. (Gomez and Sullivan) was hired by Exelon Generation Company, LLC (Exelon) to evaluate the engineering design of existing and potential fish passage facilities for American Shad and American Eel.

The Conowingo Dam is the most downstream dam on the mainstream of the Susquehanna River. The Susquehanna River is a major tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Conowingo is the lowest of four mainstream dams on the river and is located in the State of Maryland. Moving upstream from Conowingo Dam diadromous fish encounter, in ascending order, the Holtwood, Safe Harbor, and York Haven Hydroelectric Projects.

FERC relicensing necessitates the review of fish passage facilities at Conowingo and an evaluation of alternatives to enhance both upstream and downstream passage. The alternatives presented in this poster represent the first set of alternatives presented by state and federal resource agencies. For each alternative considered, layouts and cost estimates were prepared and are presented in this poster. The FERC licensing process for this project is not complete as of the date of this poster. Therefore, final alternatives have not been selected.

View the paper and poster presented at the 2012 HydroVision International conference.