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West Springfield Dam, Westfield River, Fish Passage


The West Springfield Dam is the lowermost dam on the Westfield River, a tributary to the Connecticut River. The project consists of a dam, canal, powerhouse, and tailrace. The West Springfield Dam and accompanying hydropower station were subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing. As part of the hydropower relicensing, our staff conducted fisheries studies, zone of passage analysis, water quality analyses, fish passage alternatives, and negotiated a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). With respect to fish passage alternatives, we were responsible for the preliminary design of civil works including road layout, erosion control, water diversion facilities, and excavation. In the end a single denil fishway at the dam and an inclined screen and bypass weir in the adjacent power canal were constructed. The facilities also include a fish trap with sorting and holding facilities. We prepared the final design, contract documents and provided fulltime on-site engineering support during construction. We were also responsible for obtaining all federal, state and local permits. After construction, our staff conducted passage effectiveness and monitoring studies (primarily for American shad and Atlantic salmon) in accordance with the MOA and FERC license.