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Walloomsac River & Roaring Branch Geomorphic Assessment, Bennington, VT


Our team conducted a geomorphic assessment of the Walloomsac River and Roaring Branch for the Bennington County Conservation District and the Town of Bennington. Previous flooding throughout the town has resulted in significant flood protection measures along these rivers. However, some of these protection measures are not sustainable as the river is undermining its banks, degrading and widening in an attempt to balance watershed inputs of water and sediment with its imposed boundary conditions.

Gomez and Sullivan conducted a field assessment to help develop an understanding of how historic and current land and channel management activities have affected the river’s geomorphic condition. The results of the assessment were ultimately used to develop a channel management and river corridor restoration plan for the river system. The plan included mitigation alternatives and preliminary designs to reduce the risks associated with flooding and fluvial erosion hazards. These risks unchecked could lead to catastrophic changes in river channel location and dimensions, causing property damage and threats to public safety.