Environmental & Hydrology Studies

Gomez and Sullivan have a diverse team of environmental professionals experienced in designing and conducting hydrology studies and hydropower environmental studies across a wide range of resource disciplines. Our primary environmental services include habitat assessments, fisheries studies, water quality monitoring and modeling, sediment/erosion studies, botanical and invasive species surveys, and fluvial geomorphic assessments. Paramount to our work is a commitment to objectivity, rigorous data analysis, and technical reporting.Contact us for more information on our hydrology studies services.


Aquatic & Terrestrial Habitat Assessments

Our team of environmental engineers are experts in designing and implementing assessments of aquatic and terrestrial environments. Following the latest protocol and methods, our team of hydrologist, ecologist and other environmental scientists investigate the environmental impact of hydropower structures and recreational facilities on the productivity and biodiversity of ecosystems.


Fisheries Studies

Gomez and Sullivan provide environmental consultation for hydropower projects. With our particular expertise in fisheries studies and fish passage, we assist our clients with maintaining environmental compliance and lessening habitat loss and alteration. Our services include surveys of fish communities and spawning assessments, instream flow studies and consultation for the design and construction of effective fish pass structures and fishways.


Water Quality Monitoring & Modeling

Our hydrology studies service includes water quality monitoring and modeling. We help our clients assess the quality of water and identify existing problems by testing the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water. We predict future issues that may arise using integrated monitoring and modeling methods.

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