Hydropower FERC Licensing

Our staff are experienced in all regulatory, engineering, and environmental disciplines related to hydropower development. We have led Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing and permitting efforts on more than 100 hydropower projects, ranging in size from less than one megawatt (MW) to the New York Power Authority’s 2,700-MW Niagara Power Project.

From our extensive involvement in FERC licensing proceedings, we have developed a thorough understanding of the compliance requirements needed to obtain a FERC License. Gomez and Sullivan provide training upon request in the areas of operations modeling, instream flow studies, information management systems and negotiations in FERC licensing.Contact us for more information on our FERC and hydropower licensing services.


Hydropower Licensing

A FERC license is needed for non-federal hydropower and hydroelectric developments. We provide consultation on obtaining preliminary FERC permits, FERC licenses and provide services to renew FERC licenses (relicensing).

A preliminary permit will reserve the site for up to 5 years but will not authorize construction. During this stage we help clients prepare to apply for the permit, conducting hydro project scoping and planning, conducting feasibility studies and economic evaluations.

In order to obtain a license which authorizes construction and can be issued for a term up to 50 years; ownership or rights to the land /water is required. A license or relicensing application must provide essential information including environmental permits and documents which will be reviewed by the commission. Gomez and Sullivan assist clients throughout Integrated, Traditional and Alternative Licensing Processes, and will be heavily involved during both pre-filing and post-filing stages of licensing.

Licensing & Relicensing Case Studies

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