Case Study: FirstLight Info Management System

FirstLight Information Management System (FLIMS)

FirstLight Power Resources (Northfield, MA)

Gomez and Sullivan developed a Microsoft SharePoint-based information management system for the relicensing of the Turners Falls Hydroelectric Project and Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project. This system (FLIMS) is hosted on an in-house Citrix server farm and system functionality involves password security, data storage, and organization. FLIMS is designed to manage documents, reports, task assignments, schedule deadlines, meetings, correspondence, and stakeholder/agency contact history in an organized and accessible centralized database. Gomez and Sullivan also expanded SharePoint with GIS and CAD resources to accommodate Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) guidance for managing hydropower project exhibits. The land management GIS application contains more than 600 land parcels with ownership status and links to documents such as easements and/or deeds. To date, the GIS database for the project consists of more than 100 data layers accessible to the project team. In addition, staff have developed documents, maps, and exhibit templates and instructions to ensure compliance with FERC guidance documents.