Case Study: Niagara Habitat & Recreation Improvements

Niagara Power Project Habitat & Recreation Improvement Projects

New York Power Authority (Lewiston, NY)


Gomez and Sullivan is the lead consultant providing FERC license compliance and implementation services for the 1880-MW Niagara Power Project, the largest non-federal hydroelectric project in the US. The team is assisting with the development of habitat improvement projects (HIPs), recreation enhancement projects (REPs), and other implementation measures relating to settlement agreements. Services include environmental site assessments (e.g., wetland delineations; rare, threatened and endangered species surveys; habitat evaluations), regulatory agency coordination and permitting, engineering analysis and design, and construction oversight. HIPs have included fish attraction structures, osprey nesting poles, common tern nesting improvements, invasive species control, and habitat restorations. REPs have included enhancements along project waterways for fishing, hiking, picnicking, scenic viewing, and general access; construction of new softball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, pedestrian paths, and comfort stations at a state park; installation of an overlook, trails, and stairways; and exhibit design for a local museum within the Project boundary.