Case Study: NYPA ROW Inventory

Transmission Line Right-of-Way Vegetation and Real Estate Inventories

New York Power Authority (Statewide NY)


NYPA has contracted with Gomez and Sullivan since 2005 (and Gomez and Sullivan staff since 1999) to inventory their transmission line rights-of-way throughout the state of New York on an annual basis. The ROW inventory consists of traversing NYPA’s transmission line network to collect vegetation, wetland, land use, utility, and real-estate data. The inventory data are used by NYPA personnel to implement a subsequent treatment effort that ensures the continuous upkeep and safety of their transmission line network. Gomez and Sullivan developed an enterprise ROW GIS data model to support the inventory effort. The model incorporates the best features of ArcGIS geodatabase technology and is well suited to work with a custom application developed to facilitate collecting data out in the field. The application consists of a series of user-friendly toolbars and forms that allow for efficient data entry. The data model and custom application are designed specifically to support disconnected editing. Any disconnected data collected out in the field are easily reincorporated into a master repository, where they are post-processed and subjected to a rigorous QA/QC methodology. The enterprise ROW GIS data model and application are such a success that they were expanded to support the NYPA ROW treatment effort.