Jerry Gomez

Senior Dam Safety Engineer

Jerry is a founding principal of Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, and his career has focused on water resources projects since 1975. During this time Jerry has formed lasting friendships with coworkers, technical associates, and clients due to his quality work in the industry. Jerry is responsible for the evaluation and design of hydroelectric power projects, dams and flood control structures, and he is approved by FERC as an Independent Consultant to perform Part 12 Dam Safety Inspections. Jerry enjoys the unique technical aspects each project presents, and the process of applying sound engineering practices to find the best design, most efficient analysis, and cost-effective alternatives. Jerry takes time to mentor and share his knowledge and excitement for the field of engineering with younger staff, passing on the sense of pride in a quality product to the next generation. His time away from work is spent visiting with family and enjoying his grandchildren. Originally from Vermont, Jerry enjoys time at camp and a healthy dose of maple syrup on anything, as long as it’s real (i.e. Vermont) maple syrup! Jerry has always appreciated the beauty and majesty of nature’s artwork, and if given the opportunity to travel anywhere, he would enjoy spending a year touring the U.S. National Parks.