Mark Wamser

Water Resources Engineer

Mark Wamser is a NH native and has worked with Gomez and Sullivan as a Water Resources Engineer since the company opened. He finds the most exciting and challenging projects to be those striking a balance between the region's energy and environmental needs. He is also particularly interested in dam removal and river restoration work. Mark’s love for the environment extends to his free time in which he and his family make use of all the outdoor activities that the region offers. He plays in local leagues for basketball and Ultimate Frisbee, is a member of the GSE ski team, and appreciates the abundance of hiking, camping, and boating in the area. At work, Mark finds the atmosphere to be team oriented and friendly and enjoys the mutual respect that is shared amongst the staff. If he could spend a week anywhere in the world, he would travel back to Germany and spend more time engrossed in the culture and exploring his family’s history.