Tom Sullivan

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Tom is a founding principal of Gomez and Sullivan Engineers and has 35 years experience as a Water Resource Engineer. His areas of expertise include FERC relicensing, water quality monitoring and modeling, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, instream flow analyses, and operations modeling. Tom likes working at the intersection of technology and policy, looking at a range of potential solutions for problems and then finding the one that is the best fit. With his extensive experience and long-standing relationships with others in the field, it’s no surprise Tom enjoys his work due to the people he works with. He appreciates the ability to collaborate with a diverse group of people, whether they be the team at GSE or clients, who are all invested in learning and growing. When not at work, Tom loves spending time in the White Mountains or the ocean, and of course venturing to Boston. In the warmer months, you can often find him out bike riding (as long as the trails are nice and flat!). The choice of where to go if he had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world would either be a comprehensive tour of England or a cruise along one of Europe’s major rivers.